How to Installing Affiliate Script Pro.

Affiliate Script Pro Instruction

Firstly, we would love to send our great thanks to you for purchasing Affiliate Script Pro. This documentation covers almost everything to guide you step by step from the start to have your site on air. We encourage you to read thoroughly all sections before you go on.

Download Script Package

When our script is purchased successfully from codecanyon, you will need to download script package to use. To download the package, please login to your codecanyon account, navigate to “Downloads”, click the “Download” button in the left side of the script, choose “All files & documentation” to download our script package to your computer. The script package includes:

Creating a database for the script

The next step is to create a database on the MySQL server for Affiliate Script Pro to store a data on. You should log into the site’s control panel and locate MySQL Databases. Using MySQL Databases, you can create a new database by entering a database name and a username/password to access this database. The user that was just created needs to be added to the database, along with enabling all of the necessary permissions. We will use this database information later when we are configuring Affiliate Script Pro using the auto-installer.

Launch the auto-installer

With a new database freshly created, we are now ready to install Affiliate Script Pro directly onto a website. You should open up a web browser and enter in the web address of where they uploaded Affiliate Script Pro. If the "install" folder was uploaded correctly, you should be automatically greeted by the following page:

This page is the installation page. The following steps will help you complete the installation process for Affiliate Script Pro.

Step 1. Pre-Installation

This step checks to see if the web server has the technical requirements and correct permissions to setup Affiliate Script Pro properly. If red marks are visible on #1 or #2, you need to make sure that these components are properly installed onto the web server. You should contact your hosting service if there are any issues with this. If there are red marks on #3 or #4, there might have been an issue with uploading the files using the FTP client. If everything is configured correctly and green marks are visible (as seen below), you may press "Continue".

Step 2. Configuration

You need to fill in the spaces below

  1. by adding the database connection details (username/password, database name) established when you created the script's database using MySQL Databases. Under
  2. you should create a new email and password for administration access to the Affiliate Script Pro shop. When finished, you may press "Continue".
  3. Add codecanyon license key

Step 3. Finished

Now that installation is complete, You now have the option to browse the Local Store, Affiliate Panel and Super Admin Panel choose to log into the.


If there are any issues regarding your installation or update, please contact us on email